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Fruit Sando Recipe (Video)

Each bite of this sando combines fruit, vanilla cream, and a fluffy, slightly sweet sliced bread. Ideal as a breakfast, snack or craving.

Sando de Fruta, the Japanese fruit sandwich.

The first time I stumbled upon fruit sando, it was with a bit of disbelief.

Who could have come up with it? Bread, cream and fruit – such a strange combination. It was like the first time I heard about the American P&J sandwich made with peanut butter and jelly.

However, the fruit sando, unlike the P&J, has earned a place as an easy and delicious snack.

The combination of Japanese bread “Shokupan” (I’ll tell you more about it shortly), vanilla cream and fruit (my favorite is still strawberry), just works.

Shokupan, the Japanese sliced bread

That I did not deceive you! This sliced bread is not like the one in the West.

It stands out for its softness, fluffiness and mild sweetness. If I had to compare it with some more common bread in Europe, I would say that it resembles a good sliced bread, if the fats in it come from milk.

But don’t worry, for those who want to try the authentic Shokupan, I’ll share the recipe with you soon.

It’s no wonder this bread is so popular in Japan. Personally, it reminds me a bit of rice paper. Essential yet unobtrusive. Capable of transforming and adapting to its contents: fruit sando, Japanese-style French toast, its famous egg sandwich… until we get to these gastronomic madnesses, so popular in Shibuya known as “brick toasts”.

Fruit sandwich - a delicious and refreshing dessert option - homemade fruit sandwich recipe with seasonal ingredients, fruit sando

What fruits can I put on it?

The answer is simple: The ones you like the most.

When I was in Japan, I saw them with strawberry, kiwi, mango, tangerine, figs, grapes, and orange. But I’m sure there are many more combinations, so don’t be shy.

If it is a fruit that sticks with cream, it is very likely that it will be delicious in a fruit sando.

Without further ado, here is the recipe to prepare a delicious fruit sando:

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Sándwich sando japonés con frutas y crema, rebanadas de fresa y kiwi entre dos capas de pan de miga esponjoso, en un plato con diseño japonés
Cómo hacer sando de fruta (Video)
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Cada bocado de este sando combina fruta, nata avainillada y un esponjoso pan de molde ligeramente dulce. Ideal como desayuno, merienda o antojo.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Reposo (opcional): 2 hours
Course: Snack, Bread
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: Sandwich, Sweets, Easy | Easy, Fruit | Fruit, Vanilla
Cooking method: Crudo
Servings: 4 sándwiches
Calories: 308kcal
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Recipe Equipment

  • Batidor eléctrico
  • Cuchillo
  • Cuchillo Pan


  • 4-6 rodajas shokupan
  • 250 ml nata / crema de leche
  • 1-2 cda. leche condensada dependiendo de lo dulce que querais que sea
  • 1/4 cdita. extracto de vainilla
  • fruta fresas, kiwi, mandarina, higo,…


  • Preparamos la fruta: De ser necesario la lavamos, secamos y cortamos en trocitos de tamaño adecuado para el sandwich.
  • En un bol añadimos la nata, la leche condensada y el extracto de vainilla.
  • Batimos la nata hasta que esta adquiera consistencia y un color brillante. Sabréis que esta lista cuando esta se queda en el batidor sin caerse.
  • Una vez lista, preparamos los sándwiches. Para ello, ponemos una rodaja de pan, esparcimos un poco de nata y añadimos las fruta. Si queréis que quede bien lindo a la hora de cortar el sándwich os recomiendo que pongáis la fruta de forma que el centro de la pieza de fruta este en la la X imaginaria que se traza des de las esquinas del pan.
  • Finalmente, añadimos un poco más de nata, añadimos la segunda rodaja de pan y presionamos ligeramente.
  • Aunque el sándwich ya se puede comer, os recomiendo que lo envolváis en papel film y lo dejéis reposar en la nevera un par de horitas. Tras ese tiempo, el sándwich es mucho más fácil de cortar y, al estar fresquito, ¡sabe aun mejor!



Calorias: 308kcal | Carbohidratos: 18g | Proteina: 5g | Grasa: 25g | Grasas saturadas: 15g | Grasa transgenicas: 1g | Colesterol: 87mg | Sodio: 175mg | Potasio: 117mg | Fibra: 1g | Azúcar: 5g | Vitamin A: 933IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 93mg | Iron: 1mg
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