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Teriyaki Sauce Recipe (Video)

Find out how to make a delicious teriyaki sauce full of flavour at home. Once you try it, you won’t buy any more jars of sauce.

After the holidays, when the pantry is empty and dinnertime is just around the corner, one of my favorite go-to in the fridge is teriyaki sauce.

Its versatility in the kitchen allows me to give a twist to frozen chicken breasts, a piece of salmon and even some eggplant.

In addition to being an easy and long-lasting recipe. You can keep it in the fridge for more than 1 month without spoiling. This sauce is healthier than store-bought versions. Commercial sauces are packed with sugar and corn syrup.

Teriyaki sauce in Japan

Surprisingly, in Japan, teriyaki (りき) refers to a cooking method. “Teri” (り) refers to shiny and “yaki” to the grill.

In other words, teriyaki is, in essence, any food cooked on the grill with a bright glaze. That’s why, in Japan, you’ll only find jars of teriyaki sauce in supermarkets if they’re imported.

For those of you who are willing to spend a little extra time on it, the recipe I’m sharing with you will provide you with a teriyaki sauce like no other.

Homemade teriyaki sauce recipe

Why do we roast bones?

There are many reasons to roast bones. Both in terms of health and taste, but we will focus on the latter. By roasting them, we get a deeper and more complex flavor. This is obtained thanks to the caramelization process of meat and bone marrow. Managing to take this teriyaki sauce to the next level.

In addition, when teriyaki sauce is made in advance, multiple flavorings such as ginger, spring onion, garlic, pepper can be added,… Creating a sauce high in nuances and much better than that of many restaurants. Do you dare to try it?

Pollo teriyaki sobre arroz blanco, cubierto con salsa brillante y caramelizada, servido en un plato blanco
Receta Teriyaki
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Descubre como preparar en casa una deliciosa la salsa teriyaki llena de sabor. Una vez la pruebes, ya no comprarás más botes de salsa.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Cuisine: Japanese
Servings: 14
Calories: 2kcal
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  • huesos de 1 pollo
  • 500 ml mirin
  • 500 ml salsa de soja
  • 250 ml sake
  • 250 ml agua
  • 1 cda. azúcar moreno
  • 1 trozo jengibre de unos 3 cm.
  • 5 diente ajo


  • Calentamos el horno a 200 grados (función grill).
  • Doramos los huesos durante 5 minutos por cada lado.
  • En una olla añadimos el mirin, la salsa de soja, el sake, el agua, el azúcar.
  • Cortamos el jengibre a rodajas, aplastamos los dientes de ajo y los añadimos a la olla junto con los huesos de pollo.
  • Ponemos a hervir la olla lentamente hasta que la salsa se vuelva brillante, mínimo 1 hora.
  • Colamos la salsa y ya esta lista para hacerse servir.



Esta salsa es ideal para carne, verduras y pescados como el salmón.


Porción: 50ml | Calorias: 2kcal | Carbohidratos: 1g | Proteina: 1g | Grasa: 1g | Grasas saturadas: 1g | Sodio: 45mg | Potasio: 2mg | Fibra: 1g | Azúcar: 1g | Vitamin A: 1IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 1mg | Iron: 1mg
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