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White chocolate and matcha truffle recipes (Video)

These white chocolate matcha truffles are the ultimate gift for matcha lovers. An exquisite combination!

Matcha, what is it?

Matcha (抹茶) means “powdered tea”. When you order a tea, typically the leaves are infused in hot water and then discarded.

In the case of matcha, we drink the leaves that have been finely pulverized and turned into a solution that is “diluted” in water.

When you try matcha for the first time, you will notice that its flavor is strong, rich in umami and with a pleasant flavor that reminds us of fresh grass.

When enjoying matcha in drink, I like to always recommend using ceremonial or premium gradation.

However, for this recipe, you can choose to use culinary gradation matcha tea and, to get the vivid color of matcha, in the last step, slice them with premium matcha. This is an ideal option when you consider that matcha is not a particularly cheap tea.

White Chocolate and Matcha Truffles Recipe – Only 4 ingredients!

If you are a fan of Matcha, preparing this recipe at home is easy as it only requires 4 ingredients that are extremely easy to find: White chocolate, matcha, cream and butter.

Could it be easier?

Matcha truffles - small sweet treats with the distinctive taste of Matcha green tea - homemade Matcha truffle recipe with white chocolate

What to do if truffles fall apart?

This is an extremely easy recipe to prepare with only one enemy, heat. Start by cutting the white chocolate and add it to the hot cream along with the butter. Once melted, add the sifted matcha and, when it is well incorporated, pour it into a container with baking paper to be able to peel it off once it solidifies.

After a few hours or, even better, the next day, it’s time to shape the truffles and this is when the heat can complicate things. Start by stirring the “truffle dough” from the baking paper and cut it into squares. To make it easier for you, I recommend cleaning the knife after each cut. Once it’s ready, depending on how fast you’ve been, I would recommend putting it in the fridge (or freezer) if you see it starting to fall apart.

Now it’s time to separate the squares. To prevent the bottom part from sticking to the container in which you are going to put it, you can add powdered sugar on top (as you can see in the video) and turn them upside down (the sugar will touch the surface of the container and prevent it from sticking). Once separated, we put them back in the fridge to cool and solidify a little.

And that’s it, all that’s left to do is shape it. We take them out, we just shape them into squares, we slice them in matcha, and that’s it! You have some sumptuous and delicious white chocolate truffles ready.

Trufas de Matcha - pequeñas delicias dulces con el distintivo sabor del té verde Matcha - receta casera de trufas de Matcha con chocolate blanco
Receta trufas de chocolate blanco y matcha
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Estas trufas de chocolate blanco y matcha son el mejor regalo para los amantes del matcha. ¡Una combinación exquisita!
Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Reposo: 2 hours
Cuisine: Japanese
Servings: 24 porciones
Calories: 135kcal


  • 400 g chocolate blanco
  • 240 ml nata / crema de leche
  • 1,5 cda. matcha
  • 25 g mantequilla
  • azúcar en polvo opcional


  • Cortamos el chocolate blanco a trozitos pequeños.
  • Al baño María, calentamos la nata. Una vez este a punto de hervir, retiramos la olla.
  • Añadimos el chocolate blanco y la mantequilla a la nata y removemos hasta que el chocolate quede deshecho. De hacer falta, podéis poner la olla al baño María de nuevo para ayudar a que este se deshaga.
  • Cuando el chocolate se haya deshecho, tamizamos el matcha y lo añadimos poco a poco a la mezcla de chocolate blanco y nata. Removemos de forma constante para incorpóralo y evitar que queden grumos.
  • Una vez el matcha este bien incorporado, vertimos la “masa de trufa” en un tapper que habremos recubierto con papel de horno (esto nos permitirá que el proceso de desmoldarlo sea mas fácil).
  • Empezamos removiendo la “masa de trufa” del papel de horno y lo cortamos a cuadraditos. Para que os sea más fácil, os recomiendo limpiar el cuchillo tras cada corte. Una vez listo, dependiendo de lo rápido que hayáis sido, os recomendaría ponerlo en la nevera (o congelador) si veis que se empieza a deshacer.
  • Ahora toca separar los cuadraditos. Para evitar que la parte inferior se pegue al recipiente en que lo vayáis a poner, podéis añadirle azúcar en polvo encima (como veis en el vídeo) y ponerlos boca a bajo (el azúcar tocara la superficie del recipiente y evitara que se pegue). Una vez separados, los volvemos a poner en la nevera para que se enfríen y solidifiquen un poco.
  • Ya solo queda pendiente darle la forma. Los sacamos, les acabamos de dar la forma de cuadrados, los rebañamos en matcha, ¡y ya está! Ya tenéis listo unas suntuosas y deliciosas trufas de chocolate blanco.



Calorias: 135kcal | Carbohidratos: 10g | Proteina: 2g | Grasa: 10g | Grasas saturadas: 6g | Colesterol: 17mg | Sodio: 29mg | Potasio: 56mg | Fibra: 1g | Azúcar: 10g | Vitamin A: 236IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 40mg | Iron: 1mg
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