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6 Japanese recipes with rice that you can’t miss!

Embark on a culinary journey with these 6 Japanese rice recipes. If you’re a rice and Japanese cuisine enthusiast, this list is a must-try for the weekend! From perfecting Japanese rice to crafting sushi, flavorful onigiris, comforting oyakodon, savory gyudon, and rich Japanese curry, this collection has something for everyone.

Explore the essence of Japanese cooking, and discover the joy of preparing these delightful dishes at home with family and friends.

1. Japanese rice

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, you’ve likely encountered numerous recipes featuring rice. Learn how to prepare Japanese rice at home without a rice cooker using this recipe, setting the stage for crafting your favorite Japanese dishes.

2. Sushi Rice

Making sushi seems deceptively simple—all you require is sushi rice, vinegar, seaweed, and fish and/or vegetables.

Sushi chefs dedicate years to perfecting the art of shari (sushi rice), as flawless rice is a prerequisite before advancing to handling the fish.

No need to fret—even if you’re not a sushi master, this recipe will guide you in making sushi at home for you and your loved ones. In this recipe you will also learn how to prepare your own rice vinegar for sushi in this recipe.

Cooked sushi rice - step-by-step guide to making sushi rice at home

3. Onigiri

Onigiris hold a significant place in Japanese cuisine, making them a versatile and delightful option for a bento or a mid-afternoon snack. Not only are they incredibly easy to prepare, but you can also customize them with your favorite fillings.

Explore the recipe to learn how to make six of my preferred onigiris.

how to make onigiri at home

4. Oyakodon

Indulge in our favorite weeknight dinner, the flavorful Oyakodon! This delicious donburi, featuring chicken and egg, is so effortlessly prepared that it’s sure to become a regular on your weekly menu.

Its name, Oyakodon (親子丼), translates to “father and son rice bowl,” symbolizing the dish’s main ingredients of chicken (representing the father) and egg (representing the son).

5. Gyudon

When it comes to donburi, following Oyakodon is the delightful Gyudon.

The term “Gyu” signifies beef, and “don” is an abbreviation for donburi. True to its name, Gyudon features a bowl of rice adorned with beef cooked in a mild blend of soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar.

This beloved Japanese dish is not only affordable, speedy, and simple to make but is also irresistibly delicious. It has garnered such popularity that three specialized chains in Japan, namely Yoshinoya, Sukiya, and Matsuya, offer it around the clock.

6. Japanese Curry

Japanese Curry, a dish bursting with umami, holds such widespread popularity in Japan that it graces the menus of restaurants, schools, and even the Japanese navy.

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